Trick or Treat

忽然想起来前几天有人问 :圣诞节和万圣节有什么区别啊…. emmmmm …. emmmm

  • 扔上来一些不全的万圣节特典?(盗图)
  • XDownload V1.2新功能完成~可以下载原图了!
  • 很有意思的歌!

XDownloader v1.2

Update new Feature on Nov.8th

  • Make Multi File Download Avaliable => Modify type of config.url from Number to Array.
  • Require Progress Package to add process bar when downloading instead of logs.
  • Fix file detect bugs.

Update on Nov.5th

Due to the demand of origin sized image when embeddig, add new feature for origin sized download option in config file

check the usage in new T-UI feature and planning to migrate to electronic version with all platform packaged

Now Support Process Bar Status Check and Original Image Download



  • TTfish @fish * 1h
    saw a gil dressing up as a FBI yesterday night…that’s is literally the scariest halloween costume i’e ever seen.

  • TTfish @fish * 55min
    That’s REALLY SCARY!


Artist: Unknown