Some Linux Command && Tools

  • Record Some of the Linux Commands and Useful Tools For further use
  • Ready to insert some code with other language (Web Assamblely? No idea yet~)

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Breif Record of SCT_Summer Course

Forgetable Knowledge Records Recently (Updated)

Finish Simple Linear Matrix Operation with MPI/CUDA/OpenMP in C (C++ is too hard!!!)
Source Code

  • 正在好好考虑需不需要解析一个一个子域名… 好像阿里云域名要到期了来着 /思考
  • 魚は最近少し怠けるですか?

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Switch backEnd && Wechat Applet

Review for the Bugs created last week

  • QSC management training project
  • Wechat Applets for competition
  • Plan for futher develpment

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Summary for Full Stack Project(I)

Review for Bilding A Simplest Full Stack Project(FrontEnd)

项目地址: Journey

这次犯了大错误 把后端放在Host branch了 糟糕的工程习惯 下次一定要将他们分开repo

For full stack projects, the basic components are frontEnd for display, backEnd for process and a Database for storage. We all know that information transfering in the network contain dozens of requests and responses. Based on different protocols, we are able to connect and enjoy Internet. Through different requests and responses, We are able to get a project alive.

Ah, Seems a little away from the topic~~No problem!

Create a simple frontEnd with Create-react-App

Create a simple backEnd with Koa.js

Create a simple dataBase with mariadb

这篇主要总结前端踩到的坑 附赠征文系统的主题 自由的鸡

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